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What if I make a mistake with my impressions?

Don’t worry if you make a mistake with your impressions. We have a knowledgeable team here to help you take the most accurate impressions you can. It’s best if you contact us before embarking on your second attempt, so that we can give you some specific advice to help you take a successful impression next time round. We offer a FREE video coaching service with one of our trained smile consultants. With a 95% pass rate, our video coaching service will help you get through the impression process quicker and more effectively. In addition, if you have taken a video call with us and followed our instructions and your impression still fails, we will send you replacement materials free of charge.

If you have used all the putty, and your impressions have been unsuccessful and you haven't booked a video call, then replacement materials are chargable. You can purchase another impression kit from your account. Alternatively, we also offer rescue kits which may be suitable for your needs so we’d always recommend talking to one of our team before ordering a new kit.

When using a rescue kit, it is important that you place the syringe in the refrigerator for 20 minutes before use.