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Can It Help Whiter

An instantly
whiter smile

With multiple shades available, we’ve got stained and yellow teeth covered.

Choose a brighter, whiter shade from the instasmile shade guide to get the white teeth you’ve always dreamed of. The material our technicians use doesn’t suffer from fading or staining so, with good care, your smile will stay white.

Can It Help Cosmetic

The trusted non-surgical alternative

Would you smile more with a straighter or tidier smile? If you’re not happy with the alignment or general presentation of your teeth, it can have a huge impact on your confidence. Maybe you’ve considered clear aligners or wire braces to straighten your teeth, or cosmetic veneers to correct those little imperfections. However, you probably didn’t know that expensive, lengthy treatments are not your only option.

Can It Help Chipped

An instant fix for missing, chipped and broken teeth

Gaps and missing teeth can have you hiding your smile and shying away. Whether you need a temporary solution for your missing teeth or a semi-permanent fix, instasmile has been created to provide a reliable alternative to replace missing teeth and cover chips and natural gaps.

Can It Help Crooked

Instantly straighter smile in no time

If crooked teeth are crowding your style and knocking your confidence, cover them instantly with instasmile. You can have a straighter smile fast without the need for extensive procedures.

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