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The rise of clear braces and clear aligners prevails. After all, who doesn’t want straighter teeth? But what if you could have straighter AND whiter teeth in an INSTANT, with no dentist visits, for a CHEAPER price?
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What are clear braces?
Clear bracket braces are an increasingly popular choice for people who want to straighten their teeth.
Clear braces vs metal braces
Clear vs metal braces - which are best? Metal braces are known for their durability, whereas clear ceramic braces can chip or crack under pressure. The clear braces bands are also partial to staining so need to be changed at every adjustment. instasmile clip-on veneers have been independently tested to be resistant to most stains, including red wine and coffee, so staining isn’t an issue with this option.
Although clear ceramic braces are generally less noticeable, it is worth noting that quite often they are bigger than their metal counterparts.
How much are clear braces?
Clear braces cost more than traditional metal braces and can set you back by up to $8,000. instasmile clip on veneers give you an instantly straighter looking smile from just $350 or from $15 a week!
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Shona's story
Shona Instasmile  Customer
instasmile customer Shona tried braces initially and wasn’t happy with the results.

“So yeah, I just wanted ... a completely new smile, I've got two missing teeth at the front, and I've had braces and they've tried to fix that, but they still just don’t look good. My teeth are also discoloured from drinking coffee and all that stuff. I genuinely could not see myself without my instasmile now. I am amazed, they're the best thing ever. Best decision”.

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So what’s the alternative?
The good news is instasmile offers a cheaper alternative to clear braces that’s much more convenient and fits around you.
  • No dentist visits or having to squeeze in appointments, you simply take your own impression at home at a time that suits you to enable us to produce a perfectly bespoke, custom set of clip-on veneers.
  • Our clip-on veneers are a much cheaper alternative to clear braces, costing a fraction of the price.
  • Life doesn’t wait, so why should you? Instant results combining straightening AND whitening in one without the discomfort of having to reposition your own teeth.
  • Goes one step further than clear braces for adults, by offering a total cosmetic enhancement solution, covering chips, cracks, discolouration and missing teeth.
  • You can drink and eat most foods without out having to remove your instasmile (depending on which product type you choose).
Ready for straighter looking teeth in a matter of weeks, with NO dentist visits, NO uncomfortable braces and NO lengthy treatment?
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