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As we grow older, we can become susceptible to losing a tooth or two which will end up with us having to look for tooth loss replacements. One of the more common and traditional forms of tooth loss replacement are dentures.

What are dentures?

Denture implants are an artificial replacement to several missing. The denture fits in the mouth with false teeth built in, to provide an efficient alternative to the missing teeth. With this in mind, some people only need a denture for a small part of their mouth as a partial teeth replacement and others need something more drastic. There are two main types of dentures: partial and permanent.

Partial Dentures: A partial denture is used for an individual who is missing one or more teeth but still has many of their natural teeth remaining. Instead of having to cover their natural pearly whites, the denture works around their remaining teeth and replicates their colour through the artificial teeth on the denture.

Complete Dentures: A more complicated and drastic denture, the complete denture acts as a replacement to several missing teeth on a singular arch. In some cases unhealthy or obscure teeth may need to be removed in order to use a complete denture. This is a lengthy procedure that may take months in order for the gums to heal.

Your Denture Maintenance

Dentures can be quite fragile and may require a fair bit of maintenance in order to keep them in excellent condition. Due to the nature of the denture sitting over the gum, the gums can become infected or inflamed if the dentures aren’t kept in a good and hygienic condition. Quite often dental sealants may be used to prevent tooth decay when using a denture, to maintain hygienic teeth and gums.

Although dentures can be a good solution for some, the material used to replicate the gums can be fairly brittle and susceptible to breaks and damage. When the denture breaks, you can get denture repair kits or find a denture professional to fix these issues. Although these damages can be fixed, they will be severely vulnerable to breakage again.

Denture vs instasmile

Our instasmile veneer is a non invasive, non surgical alternative to several dental cosmetic needs. Unlike the denture, instasmile doesn’t require you to remove any teeth or have any prior surgical operations. If you want to find out more about the instasmile process, check out our 'Order Process' page to get a more detailed insight into how your instasmile journey will work.

With no trips to the dentist you won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to receive your perfect denture alternative.

Why instasmile?

Tooth loss is a common part of our lives, but the vigorous cost and surgeries required to achieve a suitable replacement shouldn’t be. Our clip on veneers can cover multiple missing teeth as well as cracks, chips and gaps without having to deal with regular trips to the dentist. With the price starting at just $500 for a Classic set to cover missing teeth, you will have an answer to your tooth loss problem without having to blow a hole in your bank. Not only that, but your veneer will come with several benefits that no tooth replacement option could provide. Such benefits include:

  • Affordable option to cosmetic surgery
  • No surgery or trips to the dentist
  • High quality, enabling you to eat and drink with your new smile
  • A new found boost to your confidence
  • No adhesives
  • A modern, comfortable alternative to partial dentures

These are just some of the reasons why an instasmile is the best alternative to a partial denture.

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