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Affordable Alternative to Dental Bridges

A dental bridge, otherwise known as a tooth bridge, is another alternative to tooth replacement when teeth are missing. Often consisting of crowns and fairly vigorous dental procedures, dental bridges require a substantial commitment. Most procedures require an individual to have the enamel sanded down from the neighbouring teeth to support the bridge.

With this in mind, there are four different types of dental bridge depending on the stress that the bridge will take in the bite. For example, stronger and more effective bridges will be needed for areas of high bite force such as molars, but these procedures are a heavier commitment and can be a burden.

Types of dental bridge
  • Traditional Bridges

One of the more effective bridges in regards to molars and areas of the arch with high bite force. The enamel will be removed from the natural tooth to make room for a crown which will be cemented over the top. This is a permanent decision as the crown will be needed for life to protect the tooth. Each tooth on either side of the gap will be required to undergo this procedure.

  • Cantilever Bridges

Much like traditional bridges, the tooth will have to undergo an enamel removal procedure to make way for a crown. With the cantilever bridge, only one tooth will need to be stripped of enamel and crowned, however, this bridge can cause as many problems as it can solve. Such problems include cracks and fractures which can eventually lead to more trips to the dentist.

  • Maryland Bridges

This dental bridge is a very stripped down and weaker version of the traditional bridge, however, it does not require as much dental commitment. The new tooth will latch onto the neighbouring teeth via melted metal or porcelain. Although this procedure is less permanent, it is much weaker than other bridges and shouldn’t be used for areas with high bite force.

Dental bridge cost

The weight of a dental bridge cost can be a heavy burden as often additional procedures are needed on top of any other pre/ post check up charges. It can cost up to $4,500.

A dental bridge can cost around $4,500 for private treatment. instasmile offers a 5-in-1 solution for as little as $500.

What's the alternative?

At instasmile, we provide a simple yet effective fix for missing, cracked, chipped and discoloured teeth in a way that bridges can’t. With our clip on veneers, you do not have to commit to any vigorous dental procedures that shave away your enamel. No permanent commitments. No hefty costs. No trips to the dentist. Use our platinum veneer for day-to-day use, or use our classic for those special occasions on your calendar.

Q) Can I eat and drink with my instasmile in?

A: Yes! You can eat with your Platinum instasmile for everyday wear. However, we do recommend that you remove it when eating particularly hard or chewy foods. We have also had it independently tested for stain resistance against such things as red wine, coffee and cola!

Q) How much can I save by opting for instasmile vs a dental bridge?

A: A dental bridge can cost around $800 for private treatment. instasmile offers a 5-in-1 solution for as little as $500. You can opt for straighter, whiter, more even looking teeth as well as cover gaps, multiple missing teeth, cracks and other imperfections.

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