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I want to pay my repayment early or an amount of my balance, how do I do that?

Paying An Amount off Your Balance

You may manually submit a payment at any time before the scheduled payment date. Login to your customer portal and select the make a payment button. There will be two options for submitting your payment:

• Pay my next instalment now, leaving my remaining payments unchanged

• Pay another amount now, decreasing the amount of future payments and keeping the same dates

Early Repayment Offer

We will take 10% off the original purchase value when you pay the remainder of your balance off in full. This is not valid for customers with only one payment left to make.

How it works

1. Email [email protected] stating 'I am happy to accept the terms & conditions of the early repayment offer' & confirm the email address you used to create your account.

2. We will take 10% off your original order value will be applied to your account. We will then take payment in full for the new total balance, using the payment details you set up for your account.

Representative example:

Platinum upper set purchased at $499

Balance remaining: $250

10% discount applied: $49.90

Pay in full today (after discount): $200.10