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Straighter Vs. Natural

Our instasmile veneers only straighten the first 6 teeth (3 on each side) for the best comfort and fit, and to not impact the bite.

When customizing your instasmile, we provide you with two different design options. To provide a straighter looking smile or to match your natural dental profile. But what is the difference between them?

Straighter Looking Smile

When designing a straighter looking smile, the technicians work to the longest tooth in the arch to achieve a straighter, consistent look. This is because we cannot take away from your teeth, we can only build the instasmile around your existing teeth, meaning a small amount of length or depth may need to be added to some of your teeth so they are aligned for a straighter look.

Match Natural Dental Profile

For the natural profile look, the technicians will follow your natural dental profile.