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Genesis Low minimum monthly payments

Min. RequirementsSubject to creditor approval
TermsLow minimum monthly payments
Payment FrequencyMonthly
Down Payment$0
Product(s) EligibleClassic Veneers Dual Order (Top & Bottom) and all Platinum Veneers

*Interest will accrue and be charged to your account at an APR of 19.9% from the purchase date. Monthly minimum payment required. For each Billing Cycle, if the Previous Balance was greater than $0, a Monthly Fee of $4.95 will be charged on the second day of that Billing Cycle.

Customer Favourite

SplitIt Up to 6 months

Min. RequirementsFull purchase amount available on Debit Card
TermsUp to 6 months
Payment FrequencyMonthly
Down PaymentFrom 16.66%
Product(s) EligibleClassic Veneers Only

QuadPay 6 weeks

Min. RequirementsSubject to soft credit check
Terms6 weeks
Payment FrequencyEvery 2 weeks for 6 weeks
Down Payment25%
Product(s) EligibleAll instasmile Veneers

Viabill 4 months

Min. RequirementsSubject to soft credit check
Terms4 months
Payment FrequencyMonthly
Down Payment25%
Product(s) EligibleClassic Single Veneers

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