BlogsClip On Veneers: 3 Things to Know About the Instasmile Impression Kit

Clip On Veneers: 3 Things to Know About the Instasmile Impression Kit

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Instasmile Impression Kit

You've wanted to have a dreamy Hollywood smile for years now, but the cost of a professional smile makeover has made this seem impossible. Until now. Thanks to clip-on veneers, you can now see yourself with the smile you've always wanted.

You're not the only one that loves clip on teeth veneers, such as Instasmile! In fact, many people have turned to this creative way of improving their smile. Research shows that veneers are becoming increasingly popular as people seek to feel more confident about their smiles.

The secret to perfectly fitting clip on veneers is the impression kit and the fact that they are custom made. Here's a rundown of the instasmile impression kit and what separates it from every other clip on veneer company.

1. The Instasmile No Stress Impression Kit Beats the Traditional Putty System

Instasmile's pop on veneers are designed to fit an individual's teeth perfectly. They securely stay in without any need for an adhesive. To make this happen, we need to create an accurate, detailed impression of your gum line and teeth. This is the only way to get natural-looking veneers custom-made for your mouth. 

That's where Instasmile's exclusive and innovative impression kit stands out.

In the past, a one-time-use putty system was used to create the veneers. However, this single-use system was challenging to use because there were so many variables that would impact the accuracy and quality of the impression like mixing putty together and having to insert it into a tray. 

Unfortunately, when an impression isn't totally accurate the customer might not receive clip-on veneers that fit perfectly.

That's why Instasmile has exclusively came up with the no stress impression kit. This new impression system is easier to use, more accurate, and allows multiple attempts to get a good impression. No Stress Impress™ removes the need to mix and insert a premade channel to align your teeth correctly into the tray. It is a much easier way to get a product that looks great and stays in place securely. The  No Stress Impress™ also gives multiple attempts to provide a good quality impression which saves time and money from having to re-purchase the kit and re-do it. 

2. The Instasmile Kit for Clip on Veneers Offers Multiple Benefits

Instasmile spent years investing in research and ultimately adopted this new, more accurate, and user-friendly No Stress Impress kit. This exclusive kit doesn't require any mixing. It is also reusable. So if you mess up on the first try you can do it again and get a perfect impression.

This new kit offers a multitude of benefits:

  • The user-friendly design makes it easy for you to follow the steps and take an accurate impression of your teeth;
  • Don’t worry if you get it wrong at first. The benefit of No Stress Impress™ is that you get multiple chances to provide an accurate impression that our technicians can make your product from.
  • Instasmile's patented system provides a more accurate and higher-quality impression than the traditional putty system;
  • Additionally, it's quick and easy to use – just a couple of minutes to create an accurate impression.

Since its launch, Instasmile has been the recipient of glowing reviews and won customers' hearts with its clip on veneers. Trustpilot has received over 4,000 reviews from verified customers who rate the clip on veneers as ‘Great’. Customers looking to improve their smiles quickly and effortlessly flock to this system – making it the top pick in its class.


3. Instasmile Impression Kit Results in Perfectly Fitting Clip On Veneers

At the end of the day, the accuracy and quality of the impression kit will determine how well your clip on veneers fit. The No Stress Impress system guarantees perfect fitting veneers. Help is available if you need it. Every customer gets designated customer service including a welcome call to talk you through the process and an importation coaching call if you’re having trouble. Instasmile is here to help you every step of the way to ensure you provide a perfect impression.

Once you receive your custom-made clip on veneers, it's as easy as snapping them onto your teeth. They fit snugly and comfortably like a glove, giving you an instant makeover.

Fast and Easy Clip On Veneers

The Instasmile impression kit offers customers a fast and easy way to improve their smiles without having to invest in costly dental treatments. With this kit, you can easily kick-start your journey to enjoying a more beautiful smile with the best clip on veneers around. This no-stress kit is designed to make creating your impression for your clip on veneers as easy as 1, 2, 3.

That's just one of the reasons why our customers love working with us to create the clip-on teeth veneers of their dreams. Our customers also love the fact that our veneers are extremely affordable -- just a few hundred dollars.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our clip on veneers and start the process of transforming your smile with this convenient solution today!