The instasmile Shade Guide

Classic veneers can cover the smaller gaps caused by up to four missing teeth, and create a straighter looking smile that covers slightly crooked teeth.

Affordable and lightweight - with a slimline profile from 0.6mm, instasmile Classic clip-on veneers are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. They’re the perfect solution for those times you want to clip on a veneer for crooked teeth, to give you a confident smile.

BL1 - Hollywood White

This is our brightest shade. If you’re looking for that Hollywood smile and a glitzy, glamorous red carpet look, you’ll need the brightest, whitest shade we have. If you’re looking to dazzle with your smile then this is the color for you.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for an unmissable, attention-grabbing Hollywood smile

BL1 shades of clip in veneers
a1 pure natural white veneers

A1 - Pure Natural White

Our A1 shade delivers the sort of crisp, white smile you’d expect to see after years of whitening toothpaste and a regular scale-and-polish. Not quite as dazzling as Hollywood white, but still certain to grab attention, this shade is the most naturally white a tooth can be.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for a pristine, bright, yet still natural smile.

A2 - Light Ivory

This light ivory shade is the sort of shade you’d see on a happy, healthy, natural smile that hasn’t undergone any cosmetic whitening, but that - honestly - doesn’t need to.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for clean, healthy and totally natural smile.

light ivory clip on veneers
medium ivory clip on veneers

A3 - Medium Ivory

Maybe your perfect smile doesn’t need to be dazzling. Maybe you want a subtle, healthy tone that looks 100% natural. If you want a natural smile - and you’re in good company if you do - then our medium ivory shade might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Perfect for:

Anyone looking for an understated, subtle and naturally healthy smile.