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What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dentistry solution that are applied to each individual tooth in order to cover and correct flaws. Some veneers are made from resin but by far the most popular choice are porcelain veneers.

How do porcelain veneers work?

After initial dental consultations, your natural teeth are filed and the enamel is removed to prepare the tooth. A chemical cement or glue is then applied and a porcelain layer or 'shell' is attached, covering the existing tooth. It is a permanent solution which requires multiple trips to the dentist, invasive damage to your existing enamel and teeth, and also restoration or replacement after a period of time.

Instasmile clip-on veneers on the other hand require NO dentist trips, NO surgical procedures, and cause no damage to your existing enamel or teeth. It's no wonder why they are fast becoming a preferred alternative to cosmetic dentistry!

Can porcelain veneers replace a missing tooth?

If you're looking to cover any missing teeth or natural gaps, porcelain veneers will not be the solution. They require a full existing tooth to be applied to so can only cover minor cracks, chips and discolouration. Instasmile veneers, however, are able to cover up to a maximum of 8 missing top or bottom instantly, with natural aesthetics shaped to fit you. They use the contours of your natural teeth to slide over and clip or 'snap' into place - which is why they are sometimes referred to as snap on veneers.

How much are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers cost between $950 and $2,500 per tooth, whereas composite veneers cost around $250 to $1500 per tooth. If you’re looking for a full set of permanent veneers, you could be spending up to $20,000 per tooth! If you're having your few front teeth covered in veneers, this may still be pricey but in the price bracket on many, however, imagine having a full set of veneers and the cost that comes with them. Suddenly dental veneers are a little out of most peoples price range.

Unless you're planning to rob a bank or spend the rest of your life paying off a loan, this is a pretty unrealistic cost for most people.

This is why we designed instasmile clip-on veneers. Instasmile clip-on veneers cost from $500 for a full top or bottom set so are a much more cost-effective option, offering cheap veneers with instant results.

Instasmile clip-on veneers vs porcelain veneers

In a nutshell, clip-on veneers do a similar job in transforming your smile and correcting aesthetic flaws to traditional porcelain veneers, but without the cost, time and invasive damage to your existing teeth.

They can also cover missing teeth and natural gaps, as well as providing a straighter look and a whiter smile, so in essence they offer a multi-solution. They simply slide over and 'clip' or 'snap' on to your existing teeth.

Instasmile clip-on veneers cost from $500 for a full top or bottom set so are a much more cost-effective option.

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