How to fix a broken tooth quickly and affordably

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Broken tooth repair

‘Oh no - I’ve broken my tooth!!’ If you’re looking at ways to fix a broken tooth, you’ve come to the right place.

If your broken, cracked or fractured tooth is causing you discomfort or pain, you will need to see a dental professional. A badly damaged or broken tooth may require a more in-depth treatment. However, there are several dental procedures that will be available to you depending on the type of crack and the severity of your situation.

What are the different treatments?

Dental bonding and fillings

If you have suffered only a minor chip, you may be given a dental filling or dental bonding to quickly and effectively repair the damage. Although fillings are much stronger, they are extremely unsightly and will be used on your broken molar tooth.

If you’re suffering from a cracked front tooth, you’ll be given a tooth colored dental bonding that will blend into your smile. Dental bonding is made up of a dental resin that will be applied and then shaped onto your tooth. However, dental bonding has an average life expectancy of only two years and can be damaged even sooner than that depending on how careful you are when eating.

Dental Cap or Crown

If the crack is a little too much for dental bonding or filling, then a dental crown may be required. To cover the tooth with a dental crown, the tooth must first be filed down into a small stump to allow for the crown to sit comfortably on top.

Dental crowns can be made from one of four ways: metal, porcelain fused to metal, all resin and ceramic. Of all of these, the metal crown is by far the most durable and reliable. However, due to the color of the material, it is deemed incredibly unsightly which has led to many more patients opting for ceramic crowns.

As there is a lot of work that is needed to ensure that a crown is fit successfully, you will be required to take multiple trips to the dentist before you can put the procedure behind you. In your first visit, the dentist will clean out the crack and sand the tooth down into a small, smooth stump that will allow for the crown to fit correctly. An impression of your teeth will then be taken so that a crown that fits perfectly can be crafted in a dental lab using your preferred material. A temporary crown will be put into place until you receive your new crown.

On your second visit, your temporary crown will be removed and replaced with your newly designed crown. The dental cap will then be held into place using dental cement so that the crown doesn’t fall out in future. If the crown isn’t fitted properly, this will cause discomfort and will require it to be refitted urgently with an emergency dentist.

If you’re suffering from multiple cracked teeth, a dental bridge can also be used to cover the multiple teeth. Having a dental bridge requires the same dental procedure as a dental crown.

Dental veneer

As a more reliable alternative to having dental bonding on your front teeth, many patients are now opting for dental veneers. Much like dental crowns, the tooth will need to be filed down by around 0.3 to 1.2 millimeters to allow the veneer to sit comfortably on the tooth. These thin, shell-like veneers are designed to cover any dental imperfections the patient may have.

Again, much like the dental crown, your veneer will be designed elsewhere and will require multiple visits to the dentist to ensure that your procedure is fitted correctly.

Dental implant

If the fractured cusp is beyond redemption and there is no hope of saving the tooth, then you may be required to have the tooth removed and replaced with a dental implant.

The procedure when having a dental implant isn’t the prettiest and can be one that is most daunting when it comes to dental treatments. Upon having your broken tooth removed, you will be required to undergo extensive surgery before the implant can be fitted.

The opening surgery will require a screw to be drilled into the jawbone adjacent to where the gap now resides. This screw will then protrude through the gum line which will give something for your new implant to securely attach onto.

Once the fake tooth has been designed in a dental lab, you will then revisit the dentist where they will fit your new implant onto the metal peg that is protruding through the gum line.

Can instasmile cover a broken tooth, cracked tooth or chipped tooth?

instasmile will cover chips, cracks and broken teeth in an instant making it an affordable, convenient cosmetic solution to improve the appearance of your smile and hide broken teeth. They simply clip securely into place over your existing teeth.

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  • instasmile offers an additional solution that veneers can’t offer, by covering multiple missing teeth, broken teeth, and chipped teeth, whilst providing a whiter smile. You can even opt for a straighter looking smile too.

The instasmile process

Ordering your custom smile from the comfort of your own home couldn’t be easier.

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