BlogsBeware of False Reviews: Why You Shouldn't Trust Everything You Read Online

Beware of False Reviews: Why You Shouldn't Trust Everything You Read Online

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Beware of False Reviews

Shopping online is convenient, fast, and often brings competitive prices to your fingertips, but there's something you need to be wary of when browsing the virtual aisles: false reviews! From shady sellers exaggerating product details to competitors leaving fake negative feedback - it can be hard to tell what's real and what’s not. Don't think that just because someone left one star on an item that it should necessarily be avoided —it could have been a fake review. In this post, we'll walk you through why trusting everything you read online isn't always the best policy.

Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are unfortunately a common occurrence in the online shopping world. Not only can unscrupulous sellers fabricate positive reviews to make their products appear more appealing, but they can also create fake negative reviews of competing products to make theirs look better in comparison. It is always worth checking that a review has been verified. Normally the review would have a verified sign or a tick next to the review. This means that it is a real review from a customer that has placed an order.

Unfortunately, we've encountered several people who have not actually ordered from instasmile yet still leave negative reviews. We live in a world where trolls, counterfeit competitors and spam/hacking organizations exist.

How to find verified instasmile reviews

If you’re looking for verified instasmile reviews, the best way to go about it is by reading the best in class independent review site Trustpilot. Trustpilot is the market leader for independent reviews with a focus on transparent, honest and verified reviews.

Trustpilot also uses algorithms and data analysis techniques to identify fraudulent reviews, ensuring customer confidence in their system and giving its reviewers an extra layer of protection.

We are delighted to have maintained a 4 out of 5 star rating for many years now thanks to our exceptional levels of customer service and product quality.

Why does instasmile have some negative reviews?

Prior to the adoption of our No Stress Impress home impression system we used the traditional putty impression system that all of our competitors use today. The putty system is a very difficult system to use with many variables. The bottom line is that the impression could fail, and making a product from a sub standard impression leads to an incorrect fitting product. This is very frustrating and disheartening for customers.

With our exclusive No Stress Impress system it is now much easier to provide an accurate impression. Our customers love it and they are leaving positive reviews to tell us about it. Our competitors who still use the difficult putty method continue to get poor reviews for that system.


What's the difference between No Stress Impress and putty?

No Stress Impress is a revolutionary home impression system that eliminates the effort and stress usually associated with putty impressions. Forget about mixing or inserting - they come preloaded. You can take up to eight attempts at getting an exact, accurate impression. No Stress Impress makes it easier than ever before to get perfect results..

Our Impression Team will send you feedback on your images within a maximum of 48 hours. And best of all, it's FDA approved and made right here in the USA (unlike putty which is typically made in China). Get started today and enjoy effortless dental impressions with precision results.

All instasmile purchases come with a warranty

You can order with confidence at instasmile because all purchases are backed with a 30 day manufacturer's warranty covering manufacturing errors or defects, or fitting issues.

Start your smile assessment today and receive your custom made instasmile in just a few days. With a low cost payment plan and free US express shipping, you can have the perfect smile without breaking your budget.