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Can You Get Dentures Immediately After Tooth Extractions?

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If you are going to be getting dentures, it is important to understand that this process is a procedure and not just an event. That's especially true if your mouth will go through a healing period or require some tooth extractions for the new appliance. 

Even though it might seem like you can get dentures as soon as all of your teeth have been extracted, keep in mind that your initial set of dentures will only be temporary. 

During the course of full recovery and healing, several changes should take place within your mouth which may involve replacing those temporary ones with something more permanent.

What takes place during a tooth extraction


What takes place during a tooth extraction?

After tooth extractions, you can generally expect your gums to heal and become strong enough for more solid foods within 6-8 weeks. However, it takes a little longer - usually around 6-8 months - before any underlying bone has completely healed and the sockets have been filled with new bone suitable for dentures.

It's understandable why new denture users feel the urge to rush through this process, as our fast-paced lives often pressure us into wanting quick fixes. 

Unfortunately, healing cannot be rushed; it is a biological process that varies from individual to individual and relies on your genetic makeup. 

No matter how much you may want an instant solution for your dental concerns, neither a cosmetic dentist nor anyone else can speed up the healing process.

Nonetheless, there are several factors that can stifle the healing process. Smokers often experience much longer recovery times due to their smoking habits which constricts blood vessels and thus reduces oxygen-rich blood flow to any wounded area; this slows down the repair of a smoker's injuries in comparison with those who don't smoke.

How soon after having teeth pulled can you get dentures?

Are you considering dentures but uncertain which approach to take? Don't stress - the answer is based on your needs. 

There are two common options for those getting their first set of dentures, each with pros and cons. 

One involves having your teeth removed and wearing temporary dentures while you wait 6-8 weeks or more for your gum tissue to heal, thereby avoiding any discomfort associated with tender gums when learning how to wear them.

Your first set of dentures will be more fitted for your gums since they are designed to fit when some initial shrinkage has occurred. The only downside is that you'll have to go without teeth for 6-8 weeks while you wait.

The second method is to create dentures before tooth extraction.

After extractions, wearing dentures can be a tough transition; that's why they are fitted promptly and aptly named 'immediate dentures'.

Making the decision to deal with tender gums and relearn how to chew using artificial appliances requires real commitment; so why would anyone put themselves through it? 

A key reason is that they don't want to go without teeth

Additionally, many patients struggle completing everyday tasks due to their discomfort, or simply feel unable or unwilling to spend time in isolation while healing.

With immediate dentures, extractions and dentures can both be completed on the same day, allowing you to leave the dental office feeling rejuvenated and looking your best, ready to continue the path to permanent dentures.

Dentures following tooth extraction

By receiving dentures immediately after tooth extractions, you can be blessed with incredible benefits. For someone who has been struggling with poor dental health for some time, getting dentures the same day could prove to be a life-altering experience.

Immediate dentures serve an essential function in the transition to permanent dentures, not only by sheltering your gums during healing but also protecting the integrity of your bone structure. 

Immediate dentures are a short-term solution that can significantly help you make it through what may otherwise be a difficult period of adjustment.

Immediate dentures shouldn't hurt or cause bleeding, but they might be annoying or slightly uncomfortable. Dentures require adjusting if you experience pain or notice persistent bleeding while wearing them.

Don't ignore the problem, thinking it will go away naturally. Connect with a dentist. With a simple adjustment they can transform your comfort level.


Gum disease and intense tooth decay may result in full or partial teeth loss. If so, your dentist will likely be tasked with extracting all or some of them. As the entire process of getting dentures can take months to complete, immediate dentures are a great way to ensure that you don't stay without any for too long as it helps protect your gums and improves self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are immediate dentures?

Same-day or immediate dentures are the perfect solution for those who wish to have a full set of teeth immediately after having their natural ones extracted. By wearing these right away, you can maintain your smile and enjoy various dental benefits without a long wait period.

How soon can one expect to receive immediate dentures?

You can anticipate a wait period of several weeks to even months before receiving your immediate dentures.

How much time passes between tooth removal and denture insertion?

Depending on the type of denture, it is often necessary to wait a certain duration before having the new set inserted into your mouth.

Allow your mouth a few months to heal following tooth removal before you receive custom-made dentures; the gum tissue should be fully healed and ready for perfect fitting by this time. During this waiting period, remain at ease - your dentist will provide temporary immediate dentures while the gums are healing. This ensures that when you finally do get fitted with personalized dentures, they'll fit like a glove.

Is there an alternative to dentures?

Yes, Instasmile clip on veneers can be a great alternative to dentures. Instasmile veneers are custom-made, removable veneers that fit perfectly over your existing teeth and offer more aesthetic benefits than traditional dentures. You can easily remove them when needed and they are much less expensive than permanent dentures. Additionally, they require no visits to the dentist.