BlogsCan You Kiss With Clip-On Veneers?

Can You Kiss With Clip-On Veneers?

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Can You Kiss With Clip-On Veneers

Your new beau leans in toward your lips for a kiss, and it's the moment you've been waiting for. But rather than enjoying the blissful occasion, you're stuck wondering if your clip-on veneers will rear their ugly head and ruin the moment.

Research shows that veneers are increasing in popularity due to their ability to improve a person's self-image and, in turn, their self-esteem. Clip-on veneers are especially in demand because they are less expensive and less invasive than traditional porcelain veneers. They are also more convenient, as you take them in and out at your pleasure.

But can you kiss with clip-on veneers?

Here's a look at how well these temporary veneers will stay on your teeth the next time you kiss your significant other.

Kiss with Clip On Veneers: Yes or No?

If you plan to get temporary veneers, the great news is that they are safe to wear while kissing.

Clip-on veneers, which are made from FDA-approved materials, are custom fit  to your teeth. You can then remove them anytime. Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, these clip on veneers are temporary veneers and don't require any shaving or filing down of your natural teeth, and they won't do any damage to your existing teeth.

Because a temporary clip-on veneer is thin, you can wear it freely when kissing. As long as your veneers fit onto your teeth correctly, a makeout session won't be a problem.

However, it's important to remember that even though they are designed to be strong and durable, they may shift if excessive force is applied.

Tips for Maintaining Clip On Veneers

Although temporary veneers won't come off during kissing, they do require maintenance just like normal teeth.

Avoid chewing gum or eating sticky food while wearing veneers. Likewise, avoid chewing hard foods, like nuts, when your veneers are on.

Also, if you want to eat while wearing your veneers, you can with clip-on veneers. The clip-on veneers also have a stain resistance on them so you don’t have to worry about having a stained smile from beverages like tea, red wine, and coffee.

 Making sure to clean your veneers as you would with your normal teeth can help increase their longevity. You can clean them with lukewarm water, a soft brush, or a silicone brush, and a soap solution (avoid using excessively hot water, rough brush, or soaking them in mouthwash).

If you notice an odor or staining, soak your clip on veneers in concentrated mild soap for an hour before cleaning them thoroughly.

Finally, keep in mind that you should take your clip-on veneers out before you go to sleep.


Clip on veneers are a great way to improve the appearance of your smile without having to make any permanent changes. As long as they fit correctly onto your teeth and you take care of them properly, there's

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