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Temporary Teeth You Can Eat With in 2022

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As medical technology continues to rapidly evolve, patients have many options for dealing with missing teeth. In 2022, there are temporary teeth that you can actually eat with. These prosthetic teeth are made from FDA approved materials and offer a great solution for those who have missing teeth. Let's go through several temporary tooth alternatives and find the best one for you.

clip-on veneers

"clip-on teeth," "clip-on smile," and "clip-on veneers" are all terms used to describe clip-on veneers. This option, like a flipper tooth, gives the illusion of a whole smile with no gaps caused by missing or broken teeth. clip-on veneers, like flipper teeth, are manufactured by taking an imprint of your teeth and are often composed of acrylic or resin.

The biggest distinction between clip-on veneers and flippers is that the former are designed to entirely cover your natural teeth, while the latter only partially covers them. Additionally, clip-on veneers can make your pearly whites look bigger. One advantage of  clip-on teeth is their convenience. You can put them on (or take them off) whenever you want.

what foods can you eat with veneers

Temporary tooth implant

If you're waiting for a permanent tooth implant from the lab, your dentist may offer you a temporary one in the meantime. However, if you need immediate assistance, there are over-the-counter treatments that can help.

Many pharmacies provide emergency tooth replacement kits that come with thermoplastic beads. After you soak the beads in hot water to make them pliable, you can use your fingers to mold them into a shape that will fit the space where your lost teeth were.

What foods to Avoid with Temporary Veneers

While this is one of the most affordable options, the temporary implant can be quickly lost when eating a normal meal, which can be a huge downside in terms of comfort and confidence.

Flipper tooth

A flipper tooth is a removable retainer that fits snugly against the shape of your palate or jaw. This retainer has one or more prosthetic teeth connected to it that fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. A flipper tooth can also be thought of as a temporary partial denture that offers the illusion of a full grin.

Your dentist can provide you with a flipper tooth.

The procedure for creating one is quite simple. First, the dentist uses a soft, clay-like substance to make an impression of your mouth. This imprint is submitted to a dental lab, which utilizes it to produce a custom flipper tooth that fits your mouth's specific curves and fills any gaps with acrylic teeth. When compared to OTC kits with temporary teeth, flipper teeth are typically a more comfortable and long-lasting solution. They may also be used to consume a variety of foods.


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It's critical that your temporary teeth seem (and feel) natural. How else can you reclaim your self-assurance while laughing and smiling with your friends?

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