BlogsAre Pop on Veneers Safe For Your Teeth, Or Can They Damage Your Teeth?

Are Pop on Veneers Safe For Your Teeth, Or Can They Damage Your Teeth?

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Cosmetic dentistry became accessible to a host of people in the form of pop on veneers. Also known as snap on or clip on veneers, these dental appliances provide the easiest and fastest way to transform and perfect your smile.

You can resort to using pop on veneers if in any way, you cannot commit to permanent veneers, or if otherwise, you want a quick alternative to enhance your look for an upcoming event.

Although there are drawbacks, there are numerous perks of using snap on veneers. As a new approach, how safe is this dental device?

How Do Pop On Veneers Work?


How Do Pop On Veneers Work


Clip on veneers work to cover certain oral imperfections. It's a convenient way to improve your smile. Whether they are discolored, chipped, missing teeth, or maybe minor crowding or spacing, you can just cap a set of clip on veneers to conceal them.

Snap ons, being temporary veneers, do not function like permanent veneers that are attached to individual teeth. However, being in the form of a tray, it works like a mouthguard that allows you to give off a beautiful smile.

It is actually on a per row or "arch" basis that clip on veneers are priced. This is contrary to how traditional veneers are done - which is by every (individual) tooth.

Pop on veneers, for the most part, are affordable, although it mainly depends on your provider. This is a major advantage of this mouthpiece, aside from being a quick and easy cosmetic dentistry fix.

You don't need to visit your dentist or go through painful procedures to be able to wear snap on veneers. As a matter of fact, you can do this process on your own, in the comfort of your home.

Clip on veneers are basically sold online. When you choose a provider, go for one which is credible and of good quality. Instasmile guarantees you premier quality clip-on veneers and dental products.

Read various reviews about your options prior to purchasing. A primary factor to consider is that the company should comprise certified dental professionals, and that’s what we are in Instasmile.

To begin with, order an impression kit. You make and complete your teeth impressions at home and then send them back to us. Our company will subsequently use this device to design your customized veneers. We make sure that they fit your smile accordingly and impeccably.

Your customized snap on veneers will be delivered to your doorstep when completed. 

How long will your dental appliance last? Our excellent product can stay for over 5 years, in resonance to how you use and care for it.

How Safe Are Pop On Veneers?

Generally, snap on, pop on, or clip on veneers are safe. Then again, depending on your use and oral habits, there tend to be associated risks in using them. 

For one thing, this mouthpiece is apt to sit in your mouth for long hours, which may affect your oral hygiene. Although negligible at first, minor oral health problems due to this can escalate into bigger ones when left unchecked.

Most companies say that it's fine to have your snap ons on when eating or drinking. But no matter how snug-fitting your mouthpiece is, food particles along with plaque and bacteria can accumulate inside it and ultimately cause the deterioration of your enamel. This same condition happens with braces and clear aligners. 

Nevertheless, you shouldn't blame this dilemma on snap on veneers because it is largely a result of poor oral hygiene.

Be sure to maintain good oral habits and hygiene as a snap on veneer user. It is crucial, especially because wearing them interferes with your salivary processes.

Saliva is normally secreted in your mouth, washing away stuck food particles after a meal. With snap on veneers covering your teeth, your saliva cannot do its work in this aspect. That's why you have to be particular about cleaning your teeth and mouth regularly to prevent your teeth' enamel from wearing and plaque build-up that causes tooth decay.

If plaque accumulation persists, your gums can be affected, leading to the onset of gingivitis. This problem, if it worsens, can progress into gum recession and periodontal disease.

Finally, if the snap on veneers are ill-fitting or poorly designed, they can recede your gums, alter your bite, and misalign your teeth.

How To Make Sure That Your Pop On Veneers Are Safe

It's easy to get daunted upon knowing the possible risks of wearing clip on veneers above. Nonetheless, fret not because there are ways to avoid them.

Yes, your teeth, mouth, and health in general can be kept safe while wearing clip on veneers if you practice the following measures.

Consult your dentist before purchasing the product

See to it that your oral health is in tiptop shape prior to ordering snap on veneers online. Note that if you have tooth decay or gum problems, you are unfit to wear this mouthpiece. Make an appointment with your dental professional to check your dental health and to treat any oral health issues that may make using clip ons detrimental for you. 

As a regular pop on veneer user, you should also perform regular check-ups and cleanings with them.

Adhere to good oral hygiene habits

After wearing your snap ons while eating, brush your teeth to prevent exposing your enamel to bacteria. Remove your temporary veneers to floss and brush your natural teeth at least twice a day. This maintains the health of your gums and prevents gum problems that will render you unfit to wear clip on veneer in the long run.

Use the right tools and clean your pop on veneers regularly

Brush your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. You'll steer clear of abrasing your enamel and keep your enamel strong this way.

Clean your veneers from time to time, following the advice of your provider. Respective clip on veneers companies usually provide customers with instructions for their products' upkeep.

Often, this involves rinsing your device and brushing them alone (without toothpaste, and soaking it in the recommended rinsing solution.

Do you need a pop on veneer for your teeth? Reach Out to Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of using Pop On Veneers?

This dental appliance can cause tooth decay, gingivitis, and other gum diseases when improperly used or cared for. Worn in an irregular or wrong way can also shift your teeth.

How do I get my Pop On Veneers?

You have the option to have your snap ons fitted and produced by your dentist in their clinic and lab, or you can purchase them online from a trusted provider.

Can I Eat With Snap On Veneers?

Yes, you can eat with your clip ons, but only the safe kinds of foods that will not break, stain or damage them.

How do Pop On Veneers fit over teeth?

They are capped over your existing teeth, snapping themselves in place when you do.

What are the benefits of pop on dental veneers?

The main benefits of pop ons are that they are affordable and convenient to use and are custom-made to fit your teeth accordingly.