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Is SmileDirectClub Safe?

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There are numerous compelling reasons to have your teeth straightened. Ranging from the desire to have a more attractive smile that will boost your confidence to the desire to protect your oral and general well-being. Teeth that are misaligned can lead to a variety of health problems, including gum disease and painful chewing.

However, while having your teeth straightened if they are misaligned is a no-brainer, deciding between different treatment plans, dental professionals, and aligner companies can be a difficult task.

When you start looking around and doing some research, you'll quickly realize that there are a variety of options for getting a straighter smile and that not all of them require you to wear cumbersome traditional braces for a year or more.

Clear Aligners

Invisible aligners have recently become the most popular treatment option for minor to moderate dental misalignments, and a slew of new clear aligner companies have sprung up to meet the demand.

Some clear aligners are only available from orthodontists. Whereas other aligner companies are able to offer their teeth straightening products at a fraction of the cost by cutting out the middleman and shipping directly to the consumer via mail order.

Smile Direct Club falls into the second category of transparent aligner providers, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

The much lower cost of getting your teeth straightened without ever having to visit a dentist's office, as well as the fact that results can be achieved in as little as six months, weigh heavily on the pro side.

Cutting out the middleman, in this case, the dentists and orthodontists who used to act as gatekeepers for people seeking straighter teeth clearly places a lot more responsibility for treatment on the individual patient.

This is why it's crucial to do your research on the aligner company and the treatment process you're considering so you can form an accurate impression and know what to expect.

Is Smile Direct Club really safe?

Smile Direct Club aligners are generally considered to be completely safe to use.

Patients in the Smile Direct Club, on the other hand, should expect to shoulder more responsibility for their treatment. Because they will be required to make their own molds using the home impression kit provided.

Other than visiting an orthodontist or dentist who will do it for them, relying on their years of training and experience to create the perfect mold. It's critical to get the mold right for a successful Smile Direct Club treatment.

When it comes to selecting the best clear aligner provider, there are numerous factors to consider. One thing is certain: teeth straightening therapy should not prevent you from pursuing a better, straighter smile.

Smile Direct Club is unique in that it offers patients high-quality clear aligners that are developed and monitored remotely by trained dentists and orthodontists.

All of the time-consuming and expensive extras, such as x-ray scans and in-person dental visits, have been eliminated from the equation to provide you with affordable dental care (also see best way to clean SmileDirectClub aligners).

Of course, when you remove face-to-face dental monitoring from the teeth straightening process, there are risks to consider, and you should be aware of them before proceeding with the treatment. However, open bites or worsened teeth misalignment after Smile Direct Club teeth straightening treatment are extremely rare.

Customers are raving about the new and improved smiles they've been able to achieve with the help of Smile Direct Club aligners – just search social media to see and read what thousands of happy customers have to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Smile Direct Club Work?

This is an online service that claims to be able to help people straighten their teeth without having to see a dentist. Making an impression of one's teeth at home is the first step in the procedure.

The company will mail them a kit in which they can make their own impressions and return them to the company. It appears to be very simple. Simply make an impression at home, and you'll be on your way to straighter, more attractive teeth.

See Align vs Smile Direct Club and buying Invisalign.

How long does it take SmileDirectClub to straighten your teeth?

On average, it takes between 4 and 6 months to get treatment from SmileDirectClub. However, some cases may take longer, particularly if refinements are required (an additional set of aligners after your initial treatment is complete).

Is there a cheaper alternative to SmileDirectClub?

Instasmile is an affordable alternative to SmileDirectClub, offering clip-on veneers that cover your teeth. The benefits of clip on veneers is that it's an instant solution. You have straight teeth the moment you wear them. They are also pain free as no adjustments are being made to your teeth. If you like not going to the dentist, then Instasmile could be the perfect choice for you.